Karis Self Storage
  • Are my goods insured?
    We cannot insure your goods for the true value as we do not know what you have stored or its value. We offer one of the most comprehensive insurance covers for goods in storage. See our insurance page for more details.
  • Can I access my unit ‘after hours’?

    Yes, you can access your unit anytime - night or day that's convenient to you. There is excellent lighting in and around the facility. Your individual gate access code will give you 24/7 access.

  • Can I have someone else i.e. a friend or relative also access my unit?

    We also have a ‘second storer’ option on the contract which allows the ’second storer’ to operate the account and have access to information regarding the unit. They will have the same rights as you regarding access to the unit and to details about the account. They will need to also sign the contract as the second storer and be bound by the conditions of the contract. They will have the same access gate code for the unit. We will be able to disclose information regarding the account and the unit the same as the ‘first storer’.

  • Do I get a refund if I pay in advance and then move out in the month I’ve paid for?

    Yes, we refund the money you’re paid for the time you are not needing the unit as long as you give us 2 weeks notice. This allows us to re-lease the unit when you vacate.

  • Do you charge a deposit and is it refundable?

    We charge a $50 deposit - this is for any size unit. The $50 is held to cover cleaning costs. Once the unit is vacated, it is inspected. If the unit is left clean and swept out - then the $50 is refunded.

  • How do I pay for the unit?

    We ask for one month’s rent in advance plus a $50 cleaning fee deposit on ‘move- in' or reservation. Your monthly rental invoice will be emailed to you (or posted if you don’t have email). It will have your unit number and our banking details. You can pay by EFT using your unit number as the reference or call the office with your credit card or debit card details. We also accept eftpos or cash at the office. Some people choose to have us debit their cards monthly. We have the authorisation form for you to organise this as well. You can also organise a regular monthly direct deposit through your bank. All you need is to give them the amount, date, your reference and our banking details.

  • How secure is the facility?

    We have a manager on the premises during business hours who does a daily check of each unit to ensure it is secure. Our gate system records and monitors each entry and exit. We can identify via CCTV and the gate system who is entering or leaving at any time, day or night. We have nightly patrolmen who walk the complex individually checking each unit. This along with CCTV, infra red beams and back to base alarm gives excellent after hours security. We also have excellent flood lighting and motion activated sensor lighting.

  • I’m wanting to store a car. What options do you offer?

    We have a number of options for cars. Our lock up garages - the full size of 5.5m x 3 metres fits a larger car or our 3/4 unit - 4.2metres x 3 metres fits a smaller car or trailer. We also have carport type storage for cars but these spaces are in high demand.

  • Is there a minimum period I have to store for?

    No - you can move in for a few days, weeks or as long as you need. If you are only wanting short term storage (i.e. less than one month) there is a $35 admin fee. plus the pro-rata rate for the time you are in. For example, if you were wanting a large unit on the driveway, the normal monthly cost is $299. If you wanted to rent it for 2 weeks only, then the rental would be $150 plus the $35 admin fee. The only other payment is the $50 cleaning deposit which is refunded if the unit is left clean and swept out.

  • What are the prices and sizes of your units?

    We have over 200 sheds in 10 different sizes. Our smallest holds the equivalent of 40 standard removalist cartons to our largest which holds the equivalent of a 3 bedroom home or a car. For sizes and prices as well as our specials this month - click here

  • What can I store?

    All household items can be stored however we do not allow storage of flammables such as gas bottles. Please arrange for an alternative for these items. We also recommend you do NOT store foodstuffs or ratsak. We have a vermin free facility and hope you respect our request for no foodstuffs or items which would attract rodents- in particular Ratsak.

  • What if I choose the wrong size?

    This can happen but generally it is evident once you arrive whether you will be able to fit everything in the unit you’re chosen. If you believe it is going to be too tight a fit, we can usually offer you the next size unit. We always work to give you the best result at the best price possible.

  • What if I don’t want to move in immediately? Can I reserve a unit?

    Yes, we can hold a unit for you for up to 2 weeks for a $50 reservation fee which becomes the cleaning deposit on ‘move in’.

    In the case of a cancellation up to one week prior to move in date - a $35 admin fee will be charged. If less than one weeks notice is given, the $50 reservation fee will be retained.